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Harmonix has announced that Rock Band Blitz will be ready to rock the PlayStation Network on 28th August. But don't worry about dusting off that plastic guitar just yet — the downloadable game is played with nothing more than your DualShock.

The familiar lanes are all there, only you'll be tapping buttons to beat instead, similar to Harmonix's past titles Frequency, Amplitude and Rock Band Unplugged.

It'll be compatible with all your existing downloadable content, and the 25 new songs can also be imported back into Rock Band 3 if you do decide you want to give your instruments a work out. Kool & the Gang's Jungle Boogie is sure to be a highlight; Pink's Raise Your Glass, maybe not so much.

Rock Band Blitz will cost $14.99; we're still waiting for the European release details.

[source computerandvideogames.com]