On fire

The Dragon’s Dogma brand has really taken off for Capcom – selling over 1 million units since its release in May, and propelling the Japanese publisher into profitability.

The company’s profits increased by almost 300 per cent in Q2, raking in a whopping ¥1.3 billion ($17 million). It cited a “recovery trend” in the video game market as a reason for the improved sales, and pointed to the upcoming Resident Evil 6 as another potentially big-seller in its line-up.

The publisher also reiterated that it intends to expand the Dragon’s Dogma franchise, with a sequel already in development. Chatting about the follow-up with Famitsu magazine, series creator Hideaki Itsuno explained that he wants to implement quest creation and enhance the scale of the game world. He said that only around 60-70% of his ideas made it into the original title, leaving plenty left-over for the sequel.

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[source gamesindustry.biz]