When will I be inFAMOUS?

Sony has revealed some new entrants to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale at San Diego Comic-Con: inFAMOUS protagonist Cole MacGrath and two-for-the-price-of-one pair Jak and Daxter.

We had an inkling that Cole would be making an appearance thanks to his Twitter-happy voice actor laying out several hints over the last couple of months, so it's not too much of a shock now that Sony has finally confirmed the news. He could be one to watch: with electrokinesis and cryokinesis to hand, Cole should be effective whether up close or lurking on the other side of the battlefield.

Colourful duo Jak and Daxter will team up in combat, and they're bringing plenty of weaponry with them. The Blaster, Needle Lazer, Gyro Burster and Mass Inverter are all returning, and Jak can also tune into the powers of his Dark and Light alter-egos. If you want to get stuck in with melee attacks, the cheeky ottsel on Jak's shoulder will also leap into the fray.

Check out these new trailers to celebrate their arrivals. Sony promises plenty more reveals to come before PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is released later this year.

[source blog.us.playstation.com]