Break a leg

We’d love to regale you with anecdotes about the brilliance of award winning musician Beck, but unfortunately the North American artist hasn’t quite made it onto our iPod just yet. Rest assured it’s on our to-do list, right beneath “sample the delights of salted snail shells”. Mmm.

Still, while we might be unimpressed, we’re sure there’ll be at least 12 people who’ll be excited to learn that the Loser singer has contributed three exclusive tracks to Queasy Games’ upcoming PS3 and Vita platformer, Sound Shapes.

The songs will be used to form three full levels, complete with artwork provided by Canadian design group Pyramid Attack.

Beck’s inclusion might not do much to get your saliva flowing, but at least the game continues to look exceptionally slick. It’s due out next month on PlayStation 3 and Vita. Are you excited?