Set phasers to fun

As suspected, Sony has announced the first batch of DLC for Vita launch title WipEout 2048. The content – which is set to release later this week on the PlayStation Store – will include new tracks, vehicles and events based on the PlayStation 3’s WipEout HD Fury.

In total, two new DLC packs will be made available. The first – entitled the WipEout HD Game Pack – will feature 12 new tracks (including eight reverse tracks), 12 new ships and a Zone mode ship for £6.49 in Europe and $7.99 in North America.

Similarly, the WipEout HD Fury Game Pack will offer 12 new tracks (including four reverse tracks and four Zone Mode tracks), 24 ships and a new Zone mode ship for £6.49 or $7.99 depending on your region.

Both packs will extend WipEout 2048’s cross-play functionality with the PlayStation 3 game, and will include new single-player events and trophies. If you’d like both packs, you’ll be able to pick them up as part of a bundle for £9.99 or $12.99.

But there's every chance you'll already own the content anyway. Sticking closely to Sony’s existing “buy one, get both” mantra, you’ll unlock both DLC packs for free if you've already purchased WipEout HD Fury for the PS3. Similarly, if you decide to pick up the DLC for Vita, then you’ll automatically unlock access to the PS3 game. Pretty neat, huh?

There’s more information on the PlayStation Blog. Let us know if you’ll be diving back into the world of WipEout in the comments.

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