Test your skills

If you’re one of those people that absolutely refuses to remove Gran Turismo 5 from your PS3’s disc drive, then you might be excited to learn that the already enormous simulation racer is set to get a little bit bigger this week. Sony has announced two new DLC packs for the popular exclusive, spanning the Twin Ring Motegi Pack and Scion FR-S ’12.

The former will set you back £3.99 and features “two tracks with the four layout configurations of Motegi”. Apparently this is a track that a lot of you have been demanding, so we’re sure you’ll be eager to stump up the cash.

If you’d rather keep your wallet locked shut, though, you’ll still have a reason to fire up Gran Turismo 5 this week. The aforementioned Scion FR-S ’12 pack will be available to download for free, and, unsurprisingly, will reward you with access to the new compact sports car.

Expect both packs to launch as part of this week’s PlayStation Store update. Point your browser towards the PlayStation Blog for more details.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]