"No more leaks"

That errant issue of Game Informer magazine is causing a whole heap of misery, it seems. Not content with leaking Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation for PlayStation Vita, the publication’s also outed a handful of details pertaining to Dead Space 3. Then again, we suppose it’s par for the course for Visceral Games’ oft-leaked threequel.

As previously suspected, the game will feature co-op. In it you’ll play as either series veteran Isaac Clarke or newcomer Carver. That's the dude from this week’s strange graphic novel trailer by the way.

When playing in co-op you’ll unlock new cut scenes and interactions that aren’t present in single-player. However, Visceral promises that if you decide to play the game solo, you’ll still get access to the full story.

Gameplay additions include – wait for it – a brand new cover system. That’s right, now you’ll be able to embark in the gruesome futuristic world of Dead Space with a friend while hiding behind cover. Terrifying, huh?

New enemies span foes named Fodders, Feeders and a gigantic Necromorph named Nexus. We’re going to guess he’s a boss.

Feeders sound the most gross of the lot – these are described as humans not actually infected, but instead those who’ve been forced to eat the flesh of a fallen Necro. Hey, there’s no Burger King at the end of the world y'know.

The game’s due out in September with more details set to be revealed at EA’s E3 press conference tomorrow night. Well, unless they leak first, of course.

[source vg247.com]