Royal guard

The European championships may be mere weeks away from kicking off in Poland and Ukraine, but the hottest tournament this summer is set to take place inside your PS3 or Vita. In a brand new trailer, developer Grip Games has outlined two of the key modes from its upcoming PSN table football simulator, Foosball 2012.

The developer points out that the multiplayer mode supports a variety of permutations, including one-versus-one, two-versus-computer and more. Meanwhile, in online multiplayer you’ll earn XP for every match you win, allowing you to rise through the global rankings.

If you prefer playing alone, Foosball 2012 includes a full single-player campaign known as World Tour. Here you’ll face-off against 29 AI opponents from around the world, unlocking new rewards as you progress.

Unlocks range from the ordinary to the outrageous, with a team of Hot-Dogs up for grabs as the ultimate prize. Brilliantly, each of these unlocks will be available online, allowing you to add some personality to your team.

There’s no date attached to Foosball 2012 just yet, but Grip Games promises us we haven’t got long to wait. Good, because we’re really looking forward to this one.