Second chances

After just over a week of speculation, thatgamecompany has finally revealed the official contents of the Journey Collector’s Edition. As expected, the disc-based compilation – which is set to release in North America on 28th August for $29.99 – will bundle all three of the studio’s critically acclaimed PSN exclusives with a host of additional extras.

Alongside flOw, flower and Journey, you’ll net a one month subscription to PlayStation Plus, a 30 minute behind-the-scenes documentary, and exclusive creator commentary versions of the popular games. Intriguingly, you’ll also get three exclusive mini-games developed by thatgamecompany, concept art and screenshot galleries, and the original soundtracks of all three titles.

Just to sweeten the deal, you’ll also scoop a batch of dynamic themes and PSN avatars. There’s no word on a European release just yet, but thatgamecompany promises details are forthcoming. For more information on the collector’s edition, point your browser towards thatgamecompany’s official website.