"Argh... I'm infected!"

Resistance: Burning Skies may be the first fully featured first-person shooter to grace a handheld console, but the PlayStation Vita is capable of doing so much more. Chatting on the Australian arm of the PlayStation Blog, producer Frank Simon has revealed a little more about the shooter’s Near-based social networking functionality.

Using the GPS application you’ll be able to “infect” other Vita’s in your immediate proximity. Passing the Chimeran virus onto other consoles will allow you to net XP bonuses, so it’s well worth taking the game out and about with you to ensure the infection spreads as far as possible.

Frank Simon said of the feature:

With new hardware comes an exciting new scope of uncompromised gameplay capabilities for the first FPS on PlayStation Vita. Taking further advantage of the unique social connectivity of PlayStation Vita, while playing Resistance: Burning Skies in the dynamic new multiplayer mode, Near will enable players to become infected with the Chimeran virus for multiplayer bonuses – and “gift” these to other PS Vita users.

Phew, that’s a lot of marketing buzz-words, Frank. Still, sounds like a pretty neat addition, doesn’t it?

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]