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Update: Umminger claims it was "just a typo".

Original story: It’s about time employees of major video game companies learned that they can’t talk about unannounced products on their CV. The harsh reality is: someone will find it.

SCEA software engineer Frederick Umminger is the latest to fall foul of the common quandary, outright confirming the PlayStation 4 in his public Linked In profile. While we’ve been hearing rumours about Sony’s next system for a while, it’s the first time we’ve seen it explicitly referred to as the PS4.

Umminger has supposedly been busy maintaining “voice chat libraries for the PS4” over the past couple of years. He provided a similar service for the Vita.

And that’s all Umminger is willing to share at the moment. We suspect after a short trip to Jack Tretton’s office, this information will be quietly removed.

[source linkedin.com, via neogaf.com]