Behind the scenes

Sony’s going all out with this year’s E3. In addition to live streaming the press conference at a variety of online venues, the platform holder has also announced that it’s opening up the big show to 200 lucky fans.

If you’re planning to get in, you’ll need to show up early. While you won’t need to register, this is a first come, first served event – and we suspect the demand will be pretty high.

If you’re not in Los Angeles, you’ll be able to stream the press conference from a variety of venues. Jack Tretton and company will be dropping megatons live on PlayStation Home,, Facebook, Google Plus, UStream and, for the first time ever, directly from the “What’s New” section of the XMB.

The coverage won’t end with the press conference either. Sony’s lined up broadcasts for the entirety of the week, with live gameplay demos for 25 to 30 games planned.

Exciting, huh? What are you most hoping to see from PlayStation at this year's E3?