Of all the games Sony has to showcase at this year’s E3, Team ICO’s long in development The Last Guardian remains right at the top of our most wanted list. But after a protracted development cycle and countless delays, the platform holder is not promising anything about the title’s potential reappearance at next month’s big show.

The company issued a statement to Games Informer news editor Jim Reilly stating that while “The Last Guardian continues to be developed” the company has “no news to share at this time with regard to the franchise and E3”.

The Last Guardian was officially revealed way back at E3 2009, with subsequent showcases held at the Tokyo Game Show in 2009 and 2010. It's been missing ever since. Rumours are that the game is struggling with technical issues, and that Sony’s top technical teams in Europe and North America have been pulled onto the project to try and get it back on track.

There’s every chance that Sony could be acting coy in order to ensure a bigger surprise during its press conference, but given the development cycle of The Last Guardian so far, we’re not expecting to see the game at all.

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