Predator shot

Those of you paying attention back in March will recall us getting hot and sweaty over Grip Games’ upcoming PS3 and Vita table football simulator, Foosball 2012. The cross-platform party title is packed with features included PlayStation Move support and online play.

In order to build hype for the game’s impending release, Grip Games has launched a developer diary series designed to showcase the features of the game. First up are the motion controls, which let you play with either one or two Move wands.

We’ll let Grip Games’ gaffer Jakub Mikyska tell you a little more:

Thanks to the precision and zero lag of PlayStation Move, even the slightest movements of your hands can be properly translated into the game, allowing you to precisely control everything from shot power to the positions of your foosmen.

Of course, if you don’t want to play with Move (or perhaps don’t own one yet), Foosball 2012 also includes DualShock 3 compatibility. Here you’ll use the left stick to control the poles and right stick to shoot.

Grip Games is promising to detail the cross-platform aspect of Foosball 2012 next. Remember, you’ll get both versions of the game for one price.