Book worm

According to a report on MCV this morning, Sony is set to detail an eBooks initiative for PS3 and Vita at this year’s E3. The move – supposedly entitled “Storyteller” – will be used to “present interactive documents and books, with a particular focus on children’s content”. We imagine it will work similarly to the PSP’s ill-fated Digital Comics offering.

The content will add another tier to the rapidly expanding portfolio of the PlayStation Store – an area which Sony is expected to emphasise heavily during its press conference.

This has the potential to be an excellent addition, but its success will depend entirely upon the interactivity of the novels. If it actively encourages children to read, then it could be a great way of widening the PlayStation platform's appeal. However, if it’s simply coveting the Kindle market, then we think it’s going to face an uphill struggle.

Unsurprisingly, Sony has refused to comment on the rumours.