Blue sky thinking

Sony may be teaming up with a leading “cloud gaming service”, if a report on VG247 is to be believed. The rumour originally emerged as part of an off-the-cuff remark made by editor Patrick Garratt in an E3 predictions post, but the site has since followed up with a separate article focusing on the rumour.

The site isn’t sure which of the major cloud gaming services are on board, but it flags both OnLive and Gaikai as potential candidates.

Sony has briefly mentioned the possibility of bringing cloud gaming services to PlayStation in the past, when current Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House talked up the potential of delivering “legacy content” via the emerging technology.

The rumour has surfaced at a time when various Sony employees have been talking up this month’s PlayStation Plus offering on Twitter, prompting speculation that the platform holder is about to add an on-demand streaming service to its premium subscription offering.

Apparently, all will be revealed at E3.