Heading to the small screen?

Gamers are giving mixed messages at the moment. The hot point of discussion before PlayStation Vita’s launch was that players didn’t want PS3 ports on the handheld platform. But post release, almost every home console announcement has been greeted with demand for a handheld release. It’s enough to confuse even the most tuned-in executives at Sony Computer Entertainment, but it’s something the company desperately needs to solve.

We reckon it all depends on the game. There’s no reason LittleBigPlanet Karting can’t work on the handheld, for example, but The Last of Us might be more of a stretch. One game that seems to sit in the middle is PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

On the one hand it’s a title designed around couch multiplayer, demanding a big screen experience. But there’s no reason the accessible nature of its battles can’t work in a portable format, and so Vita might actually make sense.

Sony’s not committing to anything yet, but SuperBot Entertainment’s Omar Kendall has hinted at the possibility of a portable port. When quizzed on the subject of a Vita release, he said, “Maybe... Stay tuned.” Obviously, it’s far from a confirmation, but it’s certainly not an outright denial either.

Omar also teased fans to expect a big presence for the fighter at next month’s E3:

We’re going to be announcing characters and environments and all that from now until the game comes out. I think E3 will be really informative for people with questions about our roster.

We reckon we’ll get our first glimpse at third-party characters during the big show. Who are you hoping to see?

[source digitaltrends.com]