Uh-oh, these guys are stuffed

Naughty Bear is back. After the original title seriously under delivered, we can’t say we ever expected to type those four words – but here we are, staring at a press release for Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise. Honestly, we’re not making this up.

This time the murderous soft toy is set to saunter onto the more appropriate platform of the PlayStation Network. The combat’s said to have been completely overhauled, while the game now boasts a levelling mechanic and customisation.

Plot wise, it’s a familiar tale. You’ll once again play as Naughty Bear who, upon being shunned from another birthday party, decides to go on a deadly rampage and rip the stuffing out of his friends. It’s a narrative device that still manages to make us giggle. That’s something, right?

We suppose with a cheaper price-point Panic in Paradise could come good on Naughty Bear’s original premise. That combat overhaul is going to have to be pretty major, though.