With compliments

In an age where DLC is hidden on discs and you need to enter lengthy codes in order to access online multiplayer, the idea of complimentary map packs is an utterly baffling one. But that’s exactly what developer LightBox Interactive intends to offer with its brand new PS3 exclusive shooter Starhawk.

We’ll let gaffer Dylan Jobe deliver the good news:

We really didn’t like how in Warhawk when we released a new map pack, it forced these divisions on our players. And after we released three expansions, our player community was pretty fractured. With Starhawk that ends. We are incredibly excited to announce that all map packs for Starhawk will be free. Yeah, you read that right…FREE. Whenever we release a map pack you won’t have to pay a dime.

Jobe added that LightBox Interactive will still find ways to implement paid DLC, but they’ll be offered in addition to the game’s free map packs. We’re guessing it’ll be cosmetic stuff, such as costumes and vehicle skins.

Still, this is really great news, and a refreshing change from the DLC horror stories that have invaded the headlines in recent weeks. You can show your appreciation by picking up a copy of Starhawk in North America today. We've included the game's launch trailer below to celebrate.

[source blog.us.playstation.com]