Jack Tretton believes in used games

According to rumours, the PlayStation 4 (also known internally as Orbis) will supposedly block the sale of used games. But speaking as part of this week's Bonus Round, industry analyst Michael Pachter has revealed that SCEA executive Jack Tretton is firmly against the technology.

Pachter claims that when quizzed on the rumour, Tretton offered his personal opinion that used games are “great for consumers” and that it would be “anti-consumer” to take steps against the under-fire trade.

Of course, regardless of Tretton’s opinion, it’s possible that Sony could go ahead and implement anti-used game technology in its next system anyway, but it’s reassuring to know that the executive will at least have a voice in that decision.

It’s also refreshing to hear a big name in the industry speak out in favour of the market. Typically these snippets take the opposite stance.

[source gametrailers.com, via thatvideogameblog.com]