Celebrate good times

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational (or Everybody's Golf to our European readers) is already pretty addictive. But developer Clap Hanz intends to make it even more addictive with an upcoming update.

The patch – which is due out in Japan next week – adds a number of new features to the cheery title.

Headlining the update is a new Versus Room multiplayer mode, which will allow you to tee-off in custom matches against your friends. You’ll be able to set the course type and rules, before competing simultaneously with up to eight different players. Even better, you’ll be able to chat with your fellow challengers using the Vita’s microphone as you take to the links. Just don’t resort to fake sneezing to put your opponents off.

Other enhancements include a new Grade System in the Tournament Mode, allowing you to play against opponents much closer to your level.

Finally, the Daily Tournament mode will be upgraded to include a week-long tour event. Each tour will begin on Tuesday, with contents being held daily right throughout the week. The results of the tour will be announced on Monday.

At this point, why buy any other Vita game?

[source andriasang.com]