"See you next year"

XCOM: Enemy Unknown might be happily flaunting its release date like there’s no tomorrow, but times are a bit tougher for 2K Marin’s first-person XCOM reboot. Originally announced in 2010 – and delayed ever since – the controversial shooter is now due out between 1st April 2013 and 31st March 2014, according to publishing overlord Take-Two’s most recent financial report. That’s a long way away.

The announcement compounded a pretty weak quarterly performance for the publisher, who reported net revenue of $148.1 million, down from $182.3 million this time last year. Revenue for the fiscal year dropped too, with the company recording just $825.8 million as opposed to last year’s $1,136.9 million.

Company CEO Strauss Zelnick said of the report:

Fiscal 2012 was a year of creative, operational and strategic achievement by our company.

We delivered groundbreaking titles, including L.A. Noire and NBA 2K12, which set new standards for excellence; grew our revenue from digitally delivered content and mobile offerings; made substantial progress on our online gaming initiatives; and bolstered our already strong liquidity through a convertible notes offering.

While our financial results were disappointing, the decisions we made position Take-Two for growth and profitability both this year and over the long-term.

Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto V’s release date is still yet to be announced.