Aladdin sane

The PlayStation 3 and PS Vita get an extra dose of flip-heavy action next week, with the release of The Pinball Arcade on 10th April. As with other cross-compatible titles, you’ll get the console and handheld versions for a single price. Similarly, you’ll only need to purchase DLC once to access it on both consoles.

The Pinball Arcade comes bundled with four stages and promises the “most accurate pinball physics” ever created. The game runs at 60 frames per second on both platforms, and supports front and rear touch controls on Vita.

The game will run you a reasonable $9.99, but if you’re still not convinced, a demo will be made available. Developer FarSight is promising that new DLC packs will be added every month for “several years”. Sounds good to us.

Let us know if you’re ready to ride some rails in the comments below.