Even the Chimera would fall to these pre-order packs

Capcom's big money blockbuster Dragon's Dogma is starting to rise over the horizon, and the publisher is hoping to entice you into a pre-order with some extra upgrades when you put down money at Blockbuster or ShopTo.

UK customers can take home three extra upgrade packs from the retailers designed to give them a leg-up on the quest ahead:

  • Armour Upgrade Pack – Commence your adventure in Dragon’s Dogma with an armor upgrade early in the game. This armour pack will stock your item storage with sturdy armours for Fighter, Strider and Mage. A Farewell Hood, Farewell Gloves, and a Farewell Cloak will help you no matter your new vocation, making your adventures sweet and easy as Meloirean pie.
  • Pawn Upgrade Pack – Begin your Dragon’s Dogma adventure with an additional 2,000 Rift Crystals! This early ‘cash advance’ will allow you to enlist higher level Pawns early on in addition to having an expanded set of items available for purchase at Aestella’s shop in Cassardis!
  • Weapon Upgrade Pack – Start off your adventure in Dragon’s Dogma with a weapon upgrade! This weapons pack will stock your item storage with dependable weapons for Fighter, Strider and Mage. With an Iron Sword, a Criteria, and a Wooden Staff, each upgraded, your adventuring will be a piece of Cassardian Fishcake.

Is this enough to convince you to take the plunge on Dragon's Dogma or will you wait until some reviews hit?

[source capcom-europe.com]