The fight of your life

For a game we know next to nothing about, Soul Sacrifice is beginning to seem like a big deal. The PlayStation Vita exclusive – revealed in Famitsu magazine earlier in the week – has now been granted a fairly high-budget teaser website, showing off some concept art from the game.

Set to a thumping drum-beat and images of grotesque monsters, the website explains that the “true fantasy” game is “not about cooperation” but about “fighting shoulder to shoulder”. It concludes that all will be revealed on 10th May, and invites you to “witness the unveiling” on PlayStation’s Japanese website.

The unveiling will supposedly include presentations by the game’s developers and more.

But despite the hype surrounding the game, we still know very little about it. Some are speculating that it’s a Dark Souls spin-off developed by From Software, but there’s very little evidence of that other than the Soul Sacrifice name and the use of similar fonts in the game’s logo. Others think it's a direct competitor to Monster Hunter produced by SCEJ.

Either way, it’s clear that Sony’s putting a lot of resources behind the game. And with Vita’s sales beginning to flag domestically, there's no doubt that this is exactly the kind of game the system needs. Consider us excited.