Return of the king?

We’ve got a sneaking suspicion that Rockstar North employee Alex O’Dwyer is not having a particularly happy Easter. The character animator updated his CV and LinkedIn profile over the bank holiday weekend, pledging an October release date to the anticipated crime thriller Grand Theft Auto V. It’s the first we’ve heard of it.

Adding fuel to the fire, O’Dwyer has since pulled the CV – probably at the request of his irritated employer.

Rockstar does have a history of releasing Grand Theft Auto titles in the holiday window (with the exception of GTAIV), so October doesn’t seem like an entirely crazy idea. The only thing that makes us sceptical is BioShock Infinite’s release date – which is also planned for October. It seems unlikely that parent company Take-Two would release two of its most anticipated titles in the same month, as they’d likely cannibalise each other's sales.

Still, it’s an interesting rumour nonetheless. We could certainly settle for some Grand Theft Auto this year – how about you?