Defying expectations

The PlayStation 3’s no slouch when it comes to ambitious multiplayer endeavours, with titles such as DUST 514 promising extraordinary things in the crowded shooter space. But finally it has some competition, and that comes in the form of the recently announced Defiance – a shooter-hybrid set in a persistent online world.

Details about the game itself are scarce, but developer Trion Worlds is promising that players will be able to compete with “thousands” of other participants in a game “that never ends”. What’s more, the world will supposedly be linked into an upcoming TV show that will air on the SyFy channel.

We’ll let senior producer Rob Hill explain that one:

The game and show will change and evolve together, to create an entertainment experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

It certainly sounds promising, doesn’t it? There are still a lot of questions that need to be answered: will the game require a subscription or be free to play, for example. Still, consider us intrigued by the prospect. You can ogle a few seconds of gameplay action in the trailer embedded below.