"Against the wall now!"

SEGA's preparing to drop Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown this summer, launching an official website to explain a bit more about the new gameplay features of the PSN download.

While the PS3 version of Virtua Fighter 5 missed out on online play, Final Showdown includes online multiplayer as well as a revamped offline single player ranking mode that changes up the rules: fights might take place in 50% gravity, or allow all moves to be cancelled into each other.

SEGA's also ramped up the number of items with which you can customise your fighter, with over 14,000 options in total, though we'd expect at least some of these to be DLC purchases. It also seems you can set custom button configurations for each character, ideal if your Akira needs easy access to P+K+G for Hougeki Unshin Soukoshou, for instance.

We're hoping the game resurrects the superb training mode from Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution that talked you through its often complex world of evading throw escapes and sabikis.

VF5FS is out this summer.

[source amcvt.sega.jp]