61,000 of these sold in four days, apparently

Recently we reported that Vita's UK launch sales were 75% lower than PSP's, but according to industry analyst Nick Park the real figure is much higher.

Pocket Gamer reported the console had sold around half of 3DS's UK launch sales, which it claimed were 89,000, putting Vita around the 45,000 mark. However, Park tweeted (via GamesIndustry.biz:

The PS Vita sold through to UK consumers 61k units in the four days of last week, not the 45k which has been in the press.

Park won't name his source but claims, to nobody's surprise, that it's reliable.

This figure of 61k is more in line with our understanding: last year Nintendo reported 113,000 3DS launch sales in the UK. If Vita did indeed sell around half what 3DS achieved at launch, that number would be around the 55k-60k mark.

It's unlikely Sony will release official UK Vita launch sales figures, but we live in hope.

[source gamesindustry.biz]