Hitting the "Start New Journey" button
Image: Robin Hunicke

Journey developer thatgamecompany is a small studio, so it’s surprising when key members of the team announce their departure for pastures new. Yesterday co-founder Kellee Santiago revealed her intention to move on, and since producer Robin Hunicke has also shut the door behind her.

Hunicke – who joined thatgamecompany at the start of Journey’s development – has already landed in a new role at Tiny Spec, the team behind Keita Takahashi’s MMO Glitch. We’re sure she’ll fit right in.

This is the fourth departure to hit thatgamecompany, with two of the studio’s lesser known developers going on to set up their own indie team, The Wilderness.

It’s bittersweet news for the studio, who announced that Journey had become the fastest selling PSN game of all time just yesterday. You can find out more about what we’re describing as the best PS3 title ever in our Journey review.

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