Consider us intrigued

As anticipated, Polish studio Plastic has lifted the lid on its curious PlayStation Move title, Datura.

The game – which is set to release exclusively on the PlayStation Network later this year – promises to use Sony’s motion wand in an “innovative way”.

Plastic’s Michal Staniszewski explained:

Finding yourself in a mysterious forest, players will navigate their way through the game by controlling their character’s hand using Playstation Move technology. From here you are immersed into the game’s unique experimental narrative and original way of interaction, which allows the player to experience the world not only visually but also empirically: an illusion that you really touch trees, faces and other objects.

As you progress through the game you’ll encounter puzzles and choices. Plastic hopes to convey a sense of anxiety by making you doubt your decisions at every opportunity.

It’s clear that the studio’s still hoping to keep much of Datura under wraps, but with the title playable at this week’s GDC, we'll hopefully learn more in the coming days.

For now though, Plastic's released a short video showing off the game’s, er, logo. It sure looks pretty.