Vita's in Snake's sights

The release of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on PS3 was given a warm welcome by fans of the series. Combining three top-class games in one package is never a bad thing, as our Metal Gear Solid HD Collection review explains.

Now that Vita is on the scene with capabilities that are comparable, in some respects, to PS3, it's inevitable that the handheld will feature versions of titles on its bigger brother. The good news is that the British Board of Film Classification has today rated Metal Gear Solid HD Collection once again, presumably for the Vita edition previously announced by Hideo Kojima.

A rating doesn't necessarily mean an imminent release, but it does show that the title is finished enough to go through the classification approval system. With the Vita version said to use features such as the touch screen, there may not be too long to wait to see how well these titles will translate to the handheld.