As you've never seen it before

The God of War series is arguably amongst the best-known franchises on PlayStation 3, and one recent release that has grabbed our attention is an 8-bit re-imagining of these titles' universe. It may seem like an unlikely project, but that's exactly what indie developer Holmade Games has produced.

The indie developer decided that it wanted to produce a NES-style 'demake' called Bit of War in dedication to the originals, and as a result it has been a side-project for a number of years. It's taken five years to develop as the intention has always been to release this game for free, so it was often neglected for other projects. It's now complete, and features all of the 8-bit sprites and chip-tunes that you may expect.

Although it's a free PC download, its NES and old-school vibe is undeniable. The trailer is below, while the game's details can be found on its web page.