Put the bad voice actors on hold

Avalanche Studios is getting ready to raise the curtain on its next title, studio founder Christopher Sundberg has revealed. The title – due to be announced at E3 – will not be a sequel to Renegade Ops or Just Cause, opting to try something new.

While the game will be based on a license – widely believed to be Mad Max – Sundberg was keen to point out that the title won’t be linked to an upcoming film. He explained:

We aren't particularly interested in movie-based games. I think the whole industry destroyed that. So much money's been pumped into those crappy games, it's amazing. It's really scary when you look at how bad they are.

Sundberg added that all of Avalanche’s future titles will be story-centric open-world games:

It's really challenging and fun to show license holders what we can do with an open world.

Roll on E3, huh?