It's Angry Birds... in space

Angry Birds is unsurprisingly one of the best selling PlayStation Minis in the platform’s history. While the title suffered from numerous frame-rate issues when running on the PSP, the title still garnered tremendous success. (Go look at its number of ratings on the PlayStation Store and you’ll see what we mean.)

A PlayStation Vita release of upcoming sequel, Angry Birds Space, seems pretty much guaranteed then. Well, not quite. Despite wanting to put the title on “all the screens”, Rovio's Peter Vesterbacka has said that the decision to port the developer's latest fowl flinger to Vita is largely down to Sony:

We'll have our games on the 3DS pretty soon. The Vita we haven't decided what to do about yet, but of course we want to be on all the screens, so let's see how the Vita does in the market. And of course, always when working with these console guys it's not that we can decide, it's really if Sony wants to have Angry Birds on Vita. It's more up to them than to us.

We’re pretty sure Sony will want Angry Birds Space to come to Vita. Any objections?