Do you Push Square?

We’re going to go out on a limb and bet that you didn’t expect to find an exciting overhaul like this on your daily video game website rounds. But hey, we aim to surprise.

Take a moment to soak up your new surroundings, click a few links and gaze at the sparkly new page design: we’ll wait. Just make sure you come back, so we can tell you about what we’ve been up to behind closed doors these past several months, and why we’re so excited for the future.

Finished having a snoop around your new home for PlayStation news and reviews? Wondering exactly how this all happened?

The team behind the powerhouse Nintendo Life has joined forces with Push Square creator Sammy Barker with the aim of creating the only PlayStation resource you’ll need, with news, reviews, features, interviews and more. We’ve spent the past six months forming a strong team of experienced writers to provide the reliable reviews and up-to-date news you expect, all with the impeccable style, charm and puns only the NLife network can provide.

As a team, we understand the passion of PlayStation fans, because we come from the same place. Like you, we’ve grown up with a DualShock controller in our hands. We understand what it means to take pole position on Vineta K. We know how it feels to lose a best-of-three match against your brother in split-screen Twisted Metal. And yes, just like you, we share an affection for Elena Fisher that runs deeper than any video game relationship ever should.

But that’s what makes us so well-poised to be your number one source for PlayStation information. We’ll write the content you read, but you’re as much a part of the conversation as we are – and we revel in that.

The coming months will prove to be an exciting time for all of us – not least because it’s a promising time for the PlayStation brand. You’ll notice we’ve craftily got our makeover out in time for the release of the PlayStation Vita: we want to live the launch with you, and we’ll be there to guide you through the coming years.

Push Square’s always been a website driven by passion for PlayStation, and that’s still at the heart of what we do. Today’s update marks an evolution for the website – a shot of Rift energy or a chest of red orbs – and a bold step closer towards our goal.

You can get to know the Push Square team a little better, but know we're going to be around for a very long time indeed.

We want to be the most prominent, dependable and knowledgeable PlayStation website online.

We want to inform you, but also entertain you with our sharp sense of humour and strong writing style.

Above all, we want to include you in the journey: to engage you, to challenge you and to share your passion.

The future is now. Welcome to our world. Welcome to Push Square.