It's almost time

Here’s a juicy little tid-bit for those of you that can’t wait until 22nd February (or 15th February if you’re a First Edition Bundle pre-order holder): a bunch of PlayStation Vita titles can now be purchased from the North American PlayStation Store.

You’ll need to search for the titles to find them, but it’s not like they’re exactly hidden. Games include Uncharted: Golden Abyss ($49.99), Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational ($35.99), WipEout 2048 ($35.99), ModNation Racers: Road Trip ($26.99) and Super Stardust Delta ($9.99).

As you may have noted from the prices listed, some of the titles boast a 10% discount compared to their retail counterparts. Others – such as Uncharted – are at RRP.

Still, if you want to move your PlayStation Vita preparations forward a week or so – you could do worse than preloading a copy of Hot Shots Golf in anticipation for the system’s launch later this month.