Hey Daxter, are your ears burning?

Naughty Dog may have secured its name in the mainstream gaming community with Uncharted, but the developer’s been kicking out great products for decades now – dating all the way back to the original Crash Bandicoot on PSone.

The Jak & Daxter trilogy – originally released on PS2 – is amongst some of the developer’s finest work. And in order to celebrate that series – and promote the upcoming Jak & Daxter HD Collection – Naughty Dog’s released a feature length retrospective highlighting some of the team’s “favourite memories, trials and tribulations while working on the franchise”.

There’s commentary from Naughty Dog co-founders Jason Rubin and Andrew Gavin, as well as current president Evan Wells and a bunch of other long-time employees.

If you’ve any interest in the Jak & Daxter series, this is essential viewing.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]