Metal Gear... Errr, Offline?

It was an important component of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, but Konami’s announced that it is to shutdown Metal Gear Online in June.

The online Metal Gear spin-off – which accounted for a mammoth number of active players early in its life – has been deserted for some time, and Konami’s decided to act by shutting down the game’s servers this summer.

The removal of the Metal Gear Online Shop will mark the start of the closure operation on 21st March. That will pave the way for the full server shutdown on 21st June. You’ll not be able to create new characters by late April, but Konami has confirmed that all of the game’s expansion packs will be free until the service ends in June.

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If we’re honest, we didn’t spend too much time with Metal Gear Online. We just remember the hoopla surrounding the sign-up process; with Konami IDs and all manner of nonsense surrounding entry into the online service. Those were dark days for the PlayStation Network.