Keep your PS3 safe

Do you ever fear for your precious PlayStation 3? Are you worried it might get caught in the crossfire when the Reapers eventually arrive next month? Well worry not – EA’s got your console covered with this trendy set of armour based on Commander Shepard’s outfit from Mass Effect 3.

Not only does the hub promise to improve airflow into your machine (somehow?) but it also comes bundled with in-game DLC. The “Reinforcements Pack” promises race and class unlocks, as well as weapons and items for multiplayer.

For those that haven’t been following Mass Effect 3’s build up – and subsequently find the inclusion of DLC with such a niche item a bit strange – EA’s been announcing DLC goodies for practically everything associated with the title for months now. Personally we’re looking forward to snatching up some extra content with our, erm, Commander Shepard action figure. (Seriously!)