See you in Helghan

Sony has announced that the free downloadable Killzone 3 multiplayer suite – already announced for North America – will launch in Europe tomorrow as part of region’s PlayStation Store update.

The download will allow you to enjoy all three of Killzone 3’s main multiplayer modes across each of the game’s packaged and DLC maps for free. Upon reaching the rank of Sergeant I you’ll be given the option to stump up £11.99 for the rest of the experience.

In addition to free access to the competitive multiplayer component, you’ll also snatch 24 hours of double XP to get you going, three extra unlock points, the ability to create clans and custom games, and entry into the title’s Botzone mode – which you’re probably going to need when you come face-to-face with some of the franchise’s veteran players.

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Guerrilla’s not forgotten those of you that picked up Killzone 3 at launch either. In order to celebrate the game’s anniversary, the developer’s announced a double XP weekend set to run from Friday evening (17:00PM GMT) right through until Monday morning (10:00AM GMT). Those playing the free version will be excluded from the double XP period to ensure that they don’t reach the level cap too quickly.

Any Killzone newcomers planning to check this out?