What's Insomniac planning?

Insomniac Games is done with Resistance, and, presumably, PlayStation exclusivity with it. Gaffer Ted Price made that much clear in a frank and personal message directed at fans last week.

All emphasis now turns to the company’s debut multiplatform project – set to be published by EA – Overstrike. We’ve still not seen much of the A-Team-inspired co-operative shooter, but suspect it will make a big splash at this year’s E3.

Until then, a group of online super-sleuths believe they have uncovered Insomniac’s next EA project. That game is called Outernauts, according to a registration filed by Insomniac and uncovered by a poster on the NeoGAF forums.

A quick Google search led the same spy to a page marked “EA Partners Fiscal Year 2013” which included reference to the aforementioned Outernauts, in addition to Overstrike, Populous, The Secret World and Respawn; the latter of which being the latest project by former Infinity Ward developers Jason West and Vince Zampella.

EA’s since pulled the page, lending credence to its validity.

So, Outernauts it is then. Sounds like the kind of sci-fi mumbo-jumbo that would pop up in a Ratchet & Clank game, doesn't it? Oh.

[source thesixthaxis.com]