This would be a nice image if it wasn't for the bloody knife in the foreground

While Far Cry 3 will have its fair share of scripted moments, Ubisoft’s not forgetting the franchise’s tactical heritage. New details – included in the latest issue of EDGE magazine – offer a glimpse of what we can expect from the upcoming open-ended first-person shooter, including make-shift car-bombs and, erm, hang-gliding.

The game’s also set to feature its fair share of hallucinations, as protagonist Jason Brody descends into madness. According to the magazine, one mission sees you dazed and confused while trying to stab a couple of nearby guards.

The game’s main antagonist, Vaas, is said to be "a sociopath, and very nearly a psychopath”. Ubisoft’s aiming to craft an “emotional and raw” story, while focusing on the game being a solid shooter first. One other little tid-bit from the story: there’ll be no weapon degradation this time around.

Thank goodness for that.