Make a din

Of all the PlayStation Vita titles we’ve been lucky enough to sample, Honeyslug’s delightfully daft Frobisher Says stands head and shoulders above the rest. The curious mix of WarioWare and Rhythmn Heaven utilises Sony’s new handheld in some bafflingly imaginative ways, and it presents it in such an odd and assured manner that it’s utterly captivating.

The good news is that those of you with PlayStation Vita pre-order packs will be able to play the manic mini-game collection for free on February 22nd. Everyone else will have to wait until May, when the title launches as a free application under the PlayStation Discovery Apps label.

Product manager Mayumi Donovan explained:

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the range of amazing games that PS Vita has to offer here on PlayStation.Blog, but you may not know about the great range of Discovery Apps also coming to the system. They are free to download from PlayStation Store and are designed to showcase the unique features of PS Vita through innovative interactive experiences.

Another of the PS Vita’s Discovery Apps – also due out for free in May – is tag. This graffiti title is designed exclusively for 3G models and uses the system’s GPS to allow you to “create virtual tags and unleash them anywhere in the virtual world”.

Developer Andrew Rourke continued:

Utilising Augmented Reality and GPS, taggers can view a virtual space through their Vita and then apply their own unique virtual tag.

As tag only exists in a virtual environment there are no spray cans, just the rush of tagging bigger, better and more adventurous places than anyone else to earn rewards and respect.

Admit it, you’re upgrading your PS Vita pre-order to the 3G system right now, aren’t you? Well hold fire, because there’s more:

It’s not just a case of placing tags randomly, though. Every tag placed earns points and valuable taggits, the in-game currency. Points help players go through the the graffiti world from beginners to tagging veterans. There are also special stickers allowing players to improve their rankings and earn street respect.

Global leader-boards show how players are ranked, and if they visit a new area they can check out the taggers in that location too.

As you earn more taggits you’ll be able to purchase more styles and stickers from the in-game store, allowing you to get “more complex and creative” with your virtual graffiti.

The game sounds amazing; we just can’t stand the name.