Looks the part

The PlayStation Vita’s launch line-up is already bulging at the seams, but apparently there’s still room for a little one in the collection. Speaking on the PlayStation Blog, Bloober Team has revealed A-Men, a retro title that will sate your “cravings for tactical play”.

The game’s inspired by retro titles such as Lemmings, and promises to take you on a “journey through a series of different worlds and themes”. You’ll control a ragtag team of five army characters, each with their own personalities and skills, with the intent of rounding up the group’s “equally endearing foes”.

Bloober Team CEO, Piotr Babieno, explained:

A-Men players use all of their five classes of characters to go up against two types of enemies. The first is a dumb lemming-like character and the second is very smart with the ability to avoid your clever traps. The characters are Spy, Muscleman, Commando, Engineer and Private, but beware of being fooled by their military-sounding names. Each one has their own very distinct personality and unique abilities that more skilled players will delve into to find that they can be combined across characters to ‘power up’ their individual capabilities.

You can change the look of the game’s five protagonists by visiting in-game clothing stores and kitting out the crew in your preferred style of clobber. You’ll also be able to exchange unlocks and items using the PlayStation Vita’s “proximity play” features.

And Bloober Team’s not forgotten to take advantage of the PS Vita’s wider feature-set either:

We have made best use of the OLED screen, action buttons and touch controls of the PS Vita, the only platform with this combination that makes for truly enjoyable, old-school style gameplay. It really shows off the advantage of the PlayStation system over app-based gaming. There’s enough involved to keep you up all night and the cute, well-delivered style makes it worth it. Throw in Trophies available for hardcore enthusiasts and there is something in this game for everyone, and just one of the many reasons why A-Men is going to dominate the forums with players looking for walkthroughs. Like the Rubik’s cube or Tetris, it’s one of those games you get utterly absorbed in but not everyone can master. A-Men has cult classic written all over it.

Strong words, but the game does look neat. Has A-Men marched into anyone’s wishlist?

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]