If we were billionaires, we'd fund the development of Shenmue III out of our own pockets.

A single screenshot of the ambitious open-world title single-handedly sold us on SEGA's new Dreamcast console way back in the late 90's, and Yu Suzuki's sprawling adventure has held a special place in our hearts ever since. We still remember getting the game on Christmas morning, only to fall victim to the infamous Disc 3 bug which consumed our gaming lives for several months.

Despite our investment, the series will probably never be concluded — and that's why any mention of the franchise hits us like a speeding train. Seeing as we understand your pain, we advise those of you with a similar disposition to look away now in order to prevent any further agony.

In an interview with ShenmueMaster.fr, Yu Suzuki has revealed that while SEGA still owns the Shenmue IP, it's possible that his new company, YsNet, could buy back the franchise from the Japanese giant. We're guessing that while there's always a possibility, the odds are pretty low. Yup, feels like a punch to the throat doesn't it readers? Especially seeing as SEGA is doing naff all with the series.

More intriguingly, in the same interview, Suzuki revealed some new details about Shenmue's unfinished plot. Fascinatingly, he explained that a unnamed character spotted in various concept arts was actually the Chinese friend of Iwao Hazuki, and was set to become a key character in future instalments of the franchise.

Elsewhere, Suzuki confirmed that protagonist Ryo Hazuki's desire for revenge would mellow as the series developed, hinting perhaps that there would be no final battle between the character and Lan-Di at the end of the story.

Prompted on his favourite part of the Shenmue series, Suzuki responded: "So far we are only at Shenmue II. I developed the story until chapter 11. It's in this sequel that the part of Shenmue I care about most is hidden."

Gutting. Watch the full interview (if you're a masochist) through here.

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