Lightbox Interactive's prepping for one final round of testing before Starhawk's May release.

There's no date for the European release just yet, but we assume it will be around a similar time-frame.

The firm release date comes at the end of Starhawk's rather elaborate public beta test plans. PlayStation Plus subscribers will get in on the action this week, following the closure of the private beta earlier in the month. Those that purchased Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception will follow on January 31st, with all PlayStation Network subscribers getting in on the action on February 21st. There'll also be giveaways on various websites in the coming weeks too.

Despite the wide spread entry into the beta, Lightbox Interactive insists that the test is not a demo. The developer is clearly still looking for detailed feedback, so if you check out the game, make sure you post some comments to the appropriate channels. It's important because, ultimately, the more critical you are, the better the final product will be.