We'd prefer it if this tiger-man was sporting a kimono.

But if you feel that the game's on-disc content is lacking bikinis, wings and, erm, face-paint, then the game's upcoming DLC should have you covered.

From February 3rd you'll be able to purchase the aforementioned bikinis, wings and face-paints pack for €1.99. As a tasty bonus, you'll also net the music from Soul Blade and the original Soul Calibur. Then, on February 14th you'll be able to grab a "fearsome" set comprising, erm, "animal heads" and music from Soul Calibur II and Soul Calibur III. Finally, on February 28th, you'll be able to snag nine more items including camouflage and skulls. Alongside that, you'll also get music from Soul Calibur IV and Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny. If you just want the tunes, they'll be available separately.

We think we're going to plump up for the animal heads. You can never have enough animal heads, can you?