Sony's aiming to make a big splash with the PS Vita in the UK.

The good news is that the marketing campaign is coming, and, in the UK at least, Sony's aiming big.

Speaking with MCV, SCE UK's marketing manager, Mark Bowles, revealed that the platform holder is planning the "biggest campaign" in the brand's 17-year history.

“Vita delivers an uncompromised gaming experience on a portable device, for the first time,” Bowles said. “With a long list of impressive features, we’re confident consumers will be incredibly excited by the latest addition to the PlayStation family.

“The PS Vita launch will be supported by the biggest campaign we’ve ever executed, and this level of activity will continue throughout 2012, reflecting our confidence in, and commitment to the platform long term.

“Our campaign will target gamers primarily, but also the new generation of tech enthusiasts and entertainment consumers who are used to playing games on their smartphones or tablets. What sets Vita apart is its ability to deliver PS3 quality gaming, in addition to the range of globally recognised triple-A software titles, which simply isn’t possible or aren’t available on any other existing portable.”

The PlayStation Vita's set to drop onto British store shelves next month, on February 22nd. A slew of PlayStation Access events are scheduled to take place right across the UK in the meantime.

We're expecting the media machine to kick off properly at the start of next month. Exciting times, readers.