Sony hopes that stronger software will improve PlayStation Move's fortunes in the UK.

The executive noted that while the device has gained a "solid foothold" in the region, there is room for improvement on the software side.

"I'd say we have a solid foothold with [Move]," Gara revealed. "Could it, should it, have done more? I think so.

"It is the strength of the software that goes with it that is paramount. And we've had a widely different performance from the various Move titles. Sports Champions is by far the most successful, selling a couple of hundred thousand units, which is a healthy performance. But it does vary thereafter.”

"So I'd say we are in the market, we have got a shout. Forthcoming titles are going to be important. We take some encouragement from things we can mention, such as Sorcery which is on the schedule, and other things that we know are bubbling under. It is a focus from a studio point-of-view to bring out stronger titles."

Hopefully Sorcery sets a precedent for the rest of the PlayStation Move's line-up in 2012. While last year's offering was decent, it lacked any real heavy hitters. We wouldn't mind seeing a re-emergence of the survival horror title that was teased in early hardware show reels. Elsewhere, we'd simply like to see some deeper experiences in addition to the family friendly content. Sports Champions 2 wouldn't hurt either, would it?